What is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

Paediatric Physiotherapists specialise in the assessment and treatment of children, from infants to adolescents. Our Physiotherapists use the latest interventions and techniques to assist every child in achieving their goals and reaching their highest potential. 


The first session at Summit Rehab is an assessment to obtain a full medical / therapy / functional history and discuss the family’s goals. The child’s alignment, range, reflexes, tone, strength and function is evaluated. Goals and an intervention plan is created with the parents and a home exercise program is provided to start the child on their physio journey. 


Summit Rehab provides weekly and intensive options for Physiotherapy. Sessions are 60-120mins in duration depending on the child’s age, function and goals. Our intensive program runs throughout the year, with therapy blocks ranging from 1 to 3 weeks and include a variety of intervention techniques. 



Conditions Treated

  • Cerebral Palsy 

  • Acquired Brain Injury

  • Gross Developmental Delay

  • Genetic / Chromosomal Conditions 

  • Epileptic related conditions 

  • Undiagnosed Neurological Conditions 

  • Hypertonia (tightness / high tone)

  • Hypotonia (weakness / low tone)

  • Down Syndrome 



Types of Intervention

  • Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME)

  • Spider Cage Therapy 

  • Gait re-education 

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) 

  • EMG Biofeedback 

  • Application of garments for alignment and proprioception (SPIO and Theratogs)

  • Equipment Prescription 

  • Botox assessment 

  • Strengthening 

  • Home exercise programs

  • Motor control


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