Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME)


What is Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME)?

Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME) is a treatment developed by Ramón Cuevas in 1972. This treatment is specifically used to treat children with neurological motor delays such as children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, hypotonia, global developmental delay and chromosomal abnormalities. It challenges the child’s neuromuscular system, helping to improve their posture and balance to achieve their full potential and promote the recovery of their motor functions.

Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME) is different for every child depending on their level of function, size and weight. Exercises typically start on a table and progress to utilising specific equipment on the floor. Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME) exposes the child to the influence of gravity, through progressive distal support. 


What to expect during Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME)?

During Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME), the physiotherapist puts the child through a set of dynamic and challenging exercises to gain control and respond to gravity by holding their head, trunk or limbs against the forces of gravity. This helps them to perform basic gross motor activities such as rolling, sitting, standing and walking and allows them to move more efficiently.


CME starts with exercises on a table where the child is positioned to provoke a response against gravity. This can be quite challenging for the child on the first few attempts as there is significant new input and experiences to the child’s body. When a child can stand with support at their thighs, exercises are progressed to the floor using many specialised pieces of equipment, challenging the child’s sense of balance. 


We can create an exercise to target the child’s impairments, whether it be weight shifting, dissociation, targeted stepping or narrowed base of support. These exercises are repeated until the brain automatically registers the action and the body reacts normally to situations while remaining balanced. The goal is to provide distal support and continue to lower the support as the child progresses. 

What does Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME) help with?

  • Development Gross Motor Skills of children 

  • Challenges the child’s neuromuscular system

  • Responses to the force of gravity through distal support

  • Improves posture and balance

  • Promotes the recovery of motor functions through automatic postural reactions

  • Improvements in sitting, standing and walking

  • Increased trunk strength 

  • Improved trunk/leg dissociation 

  • Improved body alignment 


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